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Forum:Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
Topic:Apollo 12: Lightning strikes during launch
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Originally posted by Paul78zephyr:
Conrad had said that he would have not have aborted...
I personally heard Conrad tell someone that at an event in the 80s. He was asked if he'd ever thought of aborting. I don't remember the words, but it was something like, "I'd have flown it as long as I could have," which I took to mean up to the point it stopped being a flyable machine (like the old pilot's adage of flying as far into the crash as possible).
SkyMan1958Here are the first two launch checklist pages to give you an idea of what was supposed to happen when. Needless to say, things happened far to fast for the astronauts to actually write anything in the checklist pages. One would assume there were comparable cue cards somewhere on the instrument panel in front of the astronauts.

Here are a couple of pix of the event as signed by Bean and Gordon...

LM-12You can see the Cape Lighthouse in the foreground of the film.

The post-flight analysis of the lightning incident mentions altitudes: at 36.5 seconds the vehicle was at about 6400 feet, and at 52 seconds the vehicle was at about 14,400 feet.

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