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Forum:Hardware & Flown Items
Topic:Duane King's Pioneer 10/11 plaque replicas
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David CI've wanted one of these since I first saw the art back in the 70s. Pledged for the manually engraved version.
David CMine's arrived and it's stunning. Easily the best space replica item I own, and more meaningful than most of the original items in my collection. The packaging is fantastic as well.

Really surprised at the lack of interest here in this.

NASAgoobAgree with you on all points. It’s stunning and we lucked out. Duane is first class all the way.
GilbertIs there a way to get one of the reissues now? I somehow missed this campaign.
Robert PearlmanAccording to his updates on Kickstarter, Duane King is still working to deliver the plaques to those who backed the original campaign, so I don't think he has had a chance yet to consider a secondary offer.

Though not produced to the same spec as the original (or Duane King's replica), Ponciano Barbosa of Precision Engravers, the craftsman who made the plaques for NASA (and for King), offers a wooden plaque-mounted plate on his website.

mode1charlieMine arrived and yes, it looks great.

Next step is to figure out how to display it. Any suggestions?

Robert PearlmanDuane King has now established an online shop for his replica Pioneer plaque, as well as his custom Pioneer patches and lapel pin.

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