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Forum:Hardware & Flown Items
Topic:Werenbach watches made from Soyuz metal
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Robert PearlmanThe Kickstarter campaign came to its end on Monday (May 29), having successfully raised CHF 768,039 (about $788,220 US) from 1,231 backers.
That was such a tremendous success! Thank you so much for your support. Our project did not only reach several funding goals — its is also the most funded project on Kickstarter from Switzerland!
Because of the success, Werenbach upgraded the mechanism in each watch ordered from a Japanese to Swiss movement.

If you missed out on the 45 percent discount offered by the campaign, but still desire a watch, Werenbach is now offering the watches through its website at 30 percent off its full price.

We will reduce the discount on Tuesday to 30%. Later we will further reduce it stepwise to 0% until the watches are available at regular conditions.
Larry McGlynnI received my Werenbach Model 5 Soyuz watch today. Now this campaign was an excellent example of a successful Kickstarter project. The watch was worth the risk. Very unique and well done on Werenbach's part.

After wearing this watch for a few days, I wrote a short review of the watch on my blog.

TomReceived my watch as well... FANTASTIC!!
TomLarry, I noticed your watch is from the Soyuz MS-04 launch vehicle. Mine is from Soyuz MS-02. I wonder if any were produced from Soyuz MS-03 material?
Larry McGlynnTom, it is probably based on the strap on boosters that they found out in the Steppes. The Kazakhstan tribes that inhabit the area grab those boosters and use them for shelter and home repair. So the MS-03 boosters may have landed in a different place or where found by the local tribe, who scavenged it for parts.

You could ask the guys at Werenbach via the Kickstarter comments section.

Robert PearlmanFrom their Facebook updates, it appears Werenbach is continuing to travel out to Soyuz launches to gather fairing parts. Their most recent updates mentioned Soyuz MS-05 and MS-06.

They have also now introduced a "Leonov" collection, which includes built-to-order models, where you can pick the specific face (among other components) from which your watch will be assembled. These faces include signs (some extensive) of burn marks, scratches, paint chips and the divisions between paint colors and/or the bare metal of the Soyuz rocket.

Larry McGlynnYes, I have grown fond of looking at the 4.5 Megaton Chronograph.

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