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Forum:Hardware & Flown Items
Topic:Apollo 11 foil in "Mini Museum" [Kickstarter]
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Greggy_DI'd like to know how he is going to source 2000+ pieces of Apollo 11 kapton. Even if they are small, it is still going to add up to a considerable amount.
Robert PearlmanThe Kickstarter page notes the source of the kapton:
The mini museum sample was obtained directly from astronaut Buzz Aldrin during an auction in 2007.
Specifically, it was this Heritage auction lot for an 8.25" x 2" segment.
The idea is simple. For the past 35 years I have collected amazing specimens specifically for this project. I then carefully break those specimens down
What irony... valued as amazing specimens, they are no more.
Teacher in spaceThat is true. I would prefer whole items. I do have casting resin, so making my own "mini museum" with larger items would be great project.
mercsimIt sounds pretty cool. If he used 0.1 inch squares, which is almost 1/8 inch, he could get 1600 (20x80) pretty easily. That seams reasonable.

Once he gets going, he should be able to buy other mission samples to use.

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