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Forum:Free Space
Topic:Crain's: Richard Jurek, "bonafide space junkie"
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Congratulations Rich on the accolades! Glad to see you and space memorabilia make the news!

David CareyKudos Rich!

Great piece - they just need to give you and the collection more air time.

SkyMan1958Fun piece.

Congratulations Rich on nicely explaining the field to the wider public!

NJSPACEFANRich, a fine article and excellent video. You are a credit to our hobby. I'll trade you a crisp new $100 Benjamin for that old $2 Jefferson in the article photo!!
Ken HavekotteJust saw the video; well done! Good to see some of your space-flown $2 bills depicted as part of the world's biggest flown US currency collection. Nice presentation, Rich, as I enjoyed the video.
Rick MulheirnNeat piece Richard. It is always rewarding to see another enthusiasts passion for the subject.
space1Very nicely done. Congratulations!
Greggy_DNice job, Rich!
Joel KatzowitzNicely done Rich.

Now if you could just let me know where you keep that stuff stashed...

rjurek349Thanks guys - I appreciate the feedback. Crain's does a great job with something like this -- a video, a print article, and a full-on social media campaign with Twitter, Tublr, etc. Half the fun was watching how this news organization has adapted to new media.

A big thank you, too, to Robert for not only posting the article, but also spending time talking to the reporter about the collection and for his gracious comments.

GilbertVery nicely done, Rich.
SkyMan1958By the way, Rich, is there a full length video that will be shown by Crain's (hopefully via YouTube) or is this edited clip it?
rjurek349Unfortunately, this edited clip is it. It really is designed as just a sneak peak for their print/online article. Just an added feature to tease their readers. Since they are a weekly business publication, the videos go out in advance via social media and eblast to drive traffic and hardcopy sales.
SkyMan1958Thank you for the info!
heng44Very nice collection, Rich. The lighting and quality of the images almost make it look like a clip from a movie...
Larry McGlynnRich, the video was top shelf in it's quality. The location and the presentation of the artifacts really worked well.

Craig's use of all types of media such video, print and the Internet really covered all the bases of the media world.

Nice job in getting the hobby presented to the general public.

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