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Forum:Free Space
Topic:Crowdfunding to give teachers McAuliffe DVDs
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TraipsingThruFilmsHelp schools, teachers, and kids learn about SPACE! Please click here to learn more and to donate. Together we can make a difference! Thanks!! — Renee & Mary Jo
p51Just curious, who is that at 1:05 in the royal blue flightsuit and jacket? Is that John Young?
TraipsingThruFilmsIt is not - It's the Challenger Crew... Now will you donate?
Robert PearlmanActually, he's talking about the gentleman in the navy blue flight jacket (with the STS-1 patch sewn on the right arm) following the STS-51L crew out to the Astrovan — and yes, that does appear to be Young, walking beside George Abbey.

Young and Abbey accompanied most of the early shuttle crews out to the Astrovan, from STS-2 on. (Of course, STS-9 being an exception for Young.)

p51I'm not knocking your concept on bit, I wonder how relevant Christa McAuliffe really is to school kids now? She's as much ancient history as Neil Armstrong is to most kids now, you'd have to be in your late 30s at the youngest to have been in school when STS-51L happened.

There are lots of teachers working now who weren't even born when this happened. Is anyone here involved in school stuff these days?

Christa McAuliffe was of course a huge subject for me as I was in high school at the time of her death (and we had a teacher at my school who made it through the first round for the teacher in space program), but I wonder how detatched a subject this is for school kids now?

Originally posted by Robert Pearlman:
Young and Abbey accompanied most of the early shuttle crews out to the Astrovan, from STS-2 on. (Of course, STS-9 being an exception for Young.)
Thanks, I didn't even notice Abbey at all but I kept going back to who I thought was Young. I'd forgotten from his book that he went with most of the crews in the van.

Funny how you never notice something for a long time, I'd never realized Young was there, and of course I'd seen the video of them getting into the van countless times...

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