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Forum:Free Space
Topic:A&E's "Shipping Wars" at Space & Rocket Center
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p51I'm not 100% sure but I suspect this isn't a real NASA bird after all. N999NA is considered the very end of the registration # series alloted for NASA aircraft, I don't think they numbered any of them that far into the series from the T-38s I've seen in various places (including the lineup at Ellington a few years back). My understanding is that the T-38 formerly at the El Paso museum was a US Navy bird, not a NASA one.

It wouldn't be the first time, the F-104 painted in NASA colors at the Museum of Flight in Seattle is also not a NASA aircraft as well.

Huntsville has several other aircraft over at Aviation Challenge that can't be seen by the public, most of them came from AMARC. I'm not sure of the NASA-marked T-38 they already have over there, though. It always seemed odd they had that plane there when it really belonged over at the Space Museum instead.

Greggy_DThe name on the canopy appears to read "Phil Vaughn." Is he a NASA pilot?

From looking at USSRC's pics, Bob Cabana's name is on the canopy also.

AtlantisHere a few photos I shot this afternoon of it mostly together.
Originally posted by p51:
My understanding is that the T-38 formerly at the El Paso museum was a US Navy bird, not a NASA one.
I don't believe the USN ever had T-38's.
Originally posted by mmcmurrey:
I don't believe the USN ever had T-38's.
You probably should have Googled "USN T-38" before typing that, and I'll bow out without further comment, hard as it is to do so...

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