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Forum:Free Space
Topic:TEDx: The Need to Explore (David Meerman Scott)
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I have long held that space memorabilia collectors are at their best when they share their passion for collecting to expose new audiences to space history. David's TEDx talk is one of the best examples of that I've seen.

rjurek349David, what a joy to see you combine your passion for marketing/communications with your passion for Apollo... and to see some of your wonderful artifacts integrated into the presentation. Adult show and tell! I love it.

I also really liked your challenge for the audience at the end, pointing out to them that they have more power in their iPhones and Blackberries than Apollo had at its disposal... and so, what are they going to do with all that power? (Besides playing Angry Birds, that is...) A great rhetorical, and, in a way, challenging your audience with their own Kennedy-esque moonshot challenge.

Well done.

(Anyone come up after the show to get a closer look at the artifacts like the Evans tether?)

SpaceAholicWish I possessed your talent for communications David...(trade you an artifact for it) :-)

freshspotThank you Rich and Scott. It was a really fun talk to prepare and deliver and I hope to have opportunities to do it more in the future. Several people wanted to see the artifacts but what was really cool is that a few people wanted me to sign copies of my books after and after I signed in pen, they were absolutely thrilled when I used the Apollo 9 pencil to write "The Need to Explore" in the books.

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