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Forum:Free Space
Topic:"Space Warriors" feature film shot at Space Camp
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Jimmy Hawkins (Thomas Horn), a young teenage boy, gets the opportunity to fulfill his dream of going to Space Camp when he wins a scholarship to join a team of the best and brightest young minds in the world. Individually, the kids are brilliant, however, together the Warriors cannot work as a team.

Captain Roy Manley (Josh Lucas), a former astronaut, is father to these hopefuls and a tough taskmaster as he guides the kids through the world of Space Camp and the challenges given them. During competition, the Warriors begin to realize they can be stronger when they work together.

In the end, the teens become heroes when danger erupts on the International Space Station and they are in the right place at the right time with the right plan to save the day.

p51The DVD is also supposed to be released before the summer starts. There's a big premiere of the movie at Huntsville on the opening day with several cast members.

I was at Space Camp just a couple of weeks after they wrapped on the film, everyone there was very excited about the film, saying this is the movie people will remember about Space Camp in the future, as the 1986 film really showed a comically unrealistic impression of the place.

At least this film doesn't have the kids going into space, I heard rumors last September that wasn't the case. I'm glad the kids are solving problems from the ground like they would in real life. I was told that some of the set pieces from this film were incorporated into the real Space Camp after the crew left, most of it in the "HAB" area, but I had nothing to compare it to beforehand so I don't know what it was. I thought I saw some stuff tucked into the back of the Astrotrek building (where the moon walk and MAT stuff is done) that might have been left over from the film. The Moon Buggy race track was still set up from the filming when I was there, too.

I've heard some mixed reviews from two people who have seen what might have been an advanced cut of the film, but I'll be sure to get the DVD as it's a moment in time of when I was there. I'll also go see it in a theater if I can find one nearby (fandango lists the nearest theater from my home as over 300 miles away, I hope that changes!)...

sts205cdrI found a partial script laying on the porch deck of the new Lunar base camp module, and instantly knew what it was (and just as instantly turned it over to the Camp Staff). That clip was great, I can't wait to see it!
Robert PearlmanUnfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the premiere screenings of "Space Warriors" in Huntsville or Houston, but thank to my fellow technical advisor (and Space Camp Hall of Fame inductee) Penny Pettigrew, I was able to see my name in the credits...

I was involved prior to filming starting, as the script was coming together. I had hoped to be there as production began but work and then personal issues intervened. Penny was on hand in Huntsville, and even has a cameo in the film.

For those who miss seeing it in the theaters, it will air on the Hallmark Channel on May 31.

p51It's also for sale at Wal Mart stores right now. I bought a copy today.

Typical "Hallmark Channel" fare, but if you've ever been Space Camp, it's worth a watch just say, "Hey, I know where that is!" Unlike the 1986 movie, they pretty much used what was there.

For me, it's a time capsule of the time frame I was there for the first time (did Adult camp for the first time two weeks after the production packed up and left) and several things left over from filming hadn't been moved yet when I was there.

Cozmosis22Yes it was "typical Hallmark Channel fare", a nice movie and fun for all ages; not the usual sex and violence that seems to pervade the rest of television these days.

Could have sworn I saw a short quick clip of Gene Kranz at his console towards the end, during that "emergency situation." It was a nice touch... if I didn't imagine it.

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