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Forum:Free Space
Topic:Treasure Detectives: Neil Armstrong's cuff links
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The show's format is closer to PBS's History Detectives then it is The History Channel's Pawn Stars (for example), in that they seek out multiple experts to verify or debunk the claim. For this case, they sought to date the set by the materials the cuff links were made out of before turning to researchers at the Nixon Library for the provenance.

As noted on the show, the set was the same style as once owned by Michael Collins, who donated his to the National Air and Space Museum [cuff links | tie tack].

I couldn't help but be a tad frustrated as the show aired, as I recognized these cuff links and knew some of their history, which seemed to counter the direction the show was taking. Fortunately, the Treasure Detectives arrived at the "right" conclusion, though not for all the reasons I think quite a few members of this site could cite.

An interesting show nonetheless, and worth tuning into if you enjoy these type of things. (A tip of the space visor to Mike Z for the heads up on the show airing!)

LM1I have seen this episode and other episodes of this new series Treasure Detectives on the CNBC Prime cable channel. This is one of many new cable series dealing with collectibles of many kinds, including space memorabilia, sports memorabilia, art, etc.

This particular series interests me because the experts are very thorough in their authentication of very valuable items. They do not hesitate to tell the owner of the items the truth about their items, although the truth may devastate the owner. I recommend this series to all collectors.

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