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Forum:Free Space
Topic:AXE Apollo Space Academy (AASA) flight contest
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Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by Captain Apollo:
Has XCOR actually ever launched anything?
To space? No. But XCOR's EZ Rocket, which could be seen as an early generation prototype for the Lynx, was the first such rocket-powered private aircraft to fly.

Robert PearlmanBy the way, here's a video showing what AXE Apollo Space Academy will include...

(This is, more or less, the same ground based training that Eric Anderson, Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom and I developed in the early days of Space Adventures...)

Captain Apollo
Originally posted by Robert Pearlman:
To space? No. But XCOR's EZ Rocket, which could be seen as an early generation prototype for the Lynx, was the first such rocket-powered private aircraft to fly.
Thanks. I'll be very surprised if anyone ever leaves the ground as a result of this.
Apollo14LMPThe L39 Albatross looks like an RAF BAe Hawk training jet to me... see lots of them flying around where I live and RAF Valley were the RAF Pilots complete their flight training.

Not that you see them much now due to the defense cuts.

Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by Captain Apollo:
I'll be very surprised if anyone ever leaves the ground as a result of this.
XCOR is well respected. Their test pilots include Dick Rutan and Rick Searfoss. The company's EZ-Rocket flew 26 times, and their X-Racer flew 40 times.
cspgThe French site for AXE Apollo Space Academy includes a video with Buzz Aldrin (click on "voir la vidéo").

Neil Patrick Harris also stars in a series of commercials:

rgarnerI have applied for the Lynx space program where, if I get enough votes, I can get a chance to go int space.

I would really appreciate everyone's vote and maybe to pass the word on if you would be so kind?

Rob JoynerCheck out the Axe Super Bowl ad:

WehaveliftoffThe Super Bowl ad was a bunch of crock, very misleading, and leading to no where...

Buzz looked poorly as well.

Hart SastrowardoyoThe latest twist in the contest: an Egypt protest group signs President Morsi up to go to space:

The April 6 Youth Movement said on its official Facebook page on Thursday that it had entered the Islamist leader’s name in the online contest because it wanted to be rid of him. It called on supporters to vote for the president so he’d have a chance to win the trip into space.

GoesTo11Sending politicians on a one-way trip off the planet? Now there's a project I can wholeheartedly support.

Semi-seriously, though...I love the AXE Apollo ads and their campaign/contest. I'm (sadly) years beyond their target market, but I can't understand why anyone here would have a problem with it. We constantly complain about how space exploration is neglected in pop culture and public discourse, and now a youth-oriented company bases a marketing campaign on astronauts as heroes... And we still slag that for not being "realistic?" Really?

spacemanOkay guys, I've signed up too. Nick Deakin of Walsall needs your vote and any others if you can pass them on please. Many thanks.
Apollo14LMPJust had one of the funniest experiences ever. I went to my local Asda (Wal Mart in the USA). I noticed one of those motion simulators advertising the Lynx Space Academy (Nobody beats an Astronaut).

I turned around to walk into the store intending to come back and have a closer look and walked straight into this guy!

I stopped and had a chat with the Lynx Roadshow Team, who are visiting different locations around the UK — signed up for the promotion. I thought the suit was quite a good replica!

Couldn't resist a photograph with the Lynx Astronaut (No autographs requested )

SpaceNewfieI've entered into the Canadian version of this contest. I'm a science teacher and I hope to experience some physics first hand. You can vote here or join my Facebook page here.

Please give me your support.

SpaceLukeWe meet again SpaceNewfie!!! Luckily this Canadian contest IS big enough for the two of us.

To all others reading, vote for me here and enjoy a laugh at my expense here and here. More videos and an epic rap battle between the SpaceNewfie and myself to come...or...

AstroAutosDelighted to have finished 38th overall in Stage 1 of the UK competition - will now be heading over to Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush, London on July 13th for the Stage 2 mental and physical tests.

Four people in total (2/125 each day) will be chosen to progress to Global Space Camp, Stage 3 of the competition.

My quest to become Ireland's 1st astronaut continues!

Robert PearlmanAfter a yearlong competition, and one week of "astronaut training," 21 men and two women from around the world have been chosen for free flights on XCOR Aerospace's LYNX spaceplane as part of Unilever's Axe Apollo Space Academy, reports:
For the past week, more than 100 participants from over 60 countries around the world have taken part in mental aptitude tests, combat training in a fighter jet and zero-gravity flights to distinguish themselves as the most worthy of one for one of the coveted tickets to space with Space Expedition Corporation under a project by the makers of Axe Apollo body spray. SXC manages trips aboard the reusable XCOR Aerospace Lynx spacecraft, a commercial space plane that is expected to begin flying customers in 2014 or 2015.

After a yearlong competition, and one week of astronaut training, the lucky winners of the 23 tickets were announced here at the AXE Apollo Space Academy Thursday (Dec. 5) in the rocket garden at the Kennedy Space Center. A ticket on the Lynx usually costs $95,000.

...two women and 20 more men from 21 different countries — including Canada, South Africa, Thailand and China — also won tickets to fly aboard Lynx. Four women competed in the space academy alongside 105 men.The complete list of winners will be released soon, Axe Apollo Space Academy officials said.

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