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Forum:Free Space
Topic:Standard orbit, Captain: Hadfield and Shatner tweet
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Jay ChladekI would be curious if NASA is going to send up a gold shirt for Hadfield to wear when he becomes the commanding officer of the ISS.
Robert PearlmanYou mean if the Canadian Space Agency will send up... Hadfield is not a NASA astronaut.
Originally posted by Hart Sastrowardoyo:
And Hadfield's red shirt would be perfect for that era, since that's the command color.
Originally posted by Hart Sastrowardoyo:
However, by the 24th century, a red shirt is the command uniform.
It's actually not. On the original series, the red shirts were only security (hence the lone ensign that never made it back from the surface) and engineering...

YELLOW was always the command color.

Sheesh, I'm not really that big a Trek fan and I knew that without having to look it up.

Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by p51:
YELLOW was always the command color.
Actually, Hart is correct — because his comments were in connection with it being the 20th anniversary of Deep Space Nine. Beyond the Original Series, the colors changed. Captain Sisko wore red.
GonzoActually, you guys are all correct. You have to remember that the Star Trek timeline spanned several centuries (roughly 2156 to 2460 or so. On OUR calendar...).

As such, a lot of the shirt colors changed. And actually, in the TOS, command was not yellow/gold, it was light green. Due to the way color was filmed/processed then, it appeared yellow/gold on the old TV screens, when in fact it was actually light green.

But the point is, to discuss the colors and their meaning, you have to put it in context of the timeline. There were even changes of colors within a single genre. Kirk himself from TOS to the movies changed colors if you will recall. He went from the green/yellow/gold color in TOS to white and even red in later movies.

Then finally in the last of the various series, TNG, command AND engineering were red, medical went from blue in prior series to surgical green back to blue and science from the original blue (TOS) to blue/grey and back to blue, again the same as medical.

Geez, you'd think that space geeks would know these things...

And the comment about the "red shirt guy not coming back" is correct. It has always referred (humorously) to the TOS when the red shirt guy was, let's just say, expendable...

Hart SastrowardoyoAnd if you want to get really geeky, the ST:TWOK uniforms had white shirts underneath the jackets for command personnel. McCoy, the doctor, wore green, and cadets and trainees red and black.
GoesTo11Not (necessarily) Star Trek-related, but if you use Twitter and aren't following @Cmdr_Hadfield, I highly recommend doing so. He's quite active and has been "Tweeting" a lot of impressive and unique photos taken from the Station.

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