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Forum:Free Space
Topic:NASA Johnson Style (Gangnam Style Parody)
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Jay ChladekROFLMAO!!!!

Seeing Mike Massimino was cute given he's now gone all "Hollywood" on us. But Clay Anderson... oh boy. I think I might have to make an audio recording of this for the next time he comes to visit the state to see if he'll busta move.


This should be No.1 by Christmas.

garymilgromMore great video from NASA. These are terrific.
BMacKinnonCan anyone name all of the astronauts that appear in the video?
Jay Chladek
Originally posted by BMacKinnon:
Can anyone name all of the astronauts that appear in the video?

I mentioned Mike Massimino and Clay Anderson already. I believe the female astronaut on the cupola trainer was Tracy Caldwell Dyson since she had an Expedition 23 patch on her arm (and she was the only female on that expedition). As for the ones in orbit, they all went so fast. I think Dyson was in one of them, but the only other I could positively identify was Yuri Malenchenko (although I believe I spotted Scott Kelly as well).

Robert PearlmanYes, that is Tracy. Also look for the outgoing and incoming directors of Johnson Space Center (both astronauts).
Robert PearlmanHow it was made...
International pop sensation PSY wrote a song called "Gangnam Style" and made a dance-filled music video that has forever entered the hearts and minds of millions of people. Recently, Johnson Space Center Pathway interns came up with a parody of the video, but with an educational twist.

Called "NASA Johnson Style (Gangnam Style Parody)," it offers a light-hearted inside look at JSC and was shot at several center facilities using a number of nimble and quick-footed employees — including several astronauts...

Jay ChladekAny idea how to get a hold of one of those "Keep Calm and NASA on" shirts?
Originally posted by Jay Chladek:
Any idea how to get a hold of one of those "Keep Calm and NASA on" shirts?
That was my first thought as well!

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