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Forum:Free Space
Topic:[Video] We're NASA and We Know It (Curiosity)
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On edit: The Washington Post seems to agree.

NASA probably couldn’t have asked for a better marketing video if it had gone to Madison Avenue with a space shuttle full of money.
Fra MauroIt's entertaining to a degree and another way for NASA to try and connect with the younger generation. It's not great (the lyrics, bikini Rover) but it's amusing.
Robert PearlmanHopefully not stating the obvious, but the 'bikini rover' is a direct parody from the original song's video.
p51I liked it.

This goes along way for NASA's image with the public. Now maybe they won't see the agency as the cast of "Apollo 13" (middle aged and older white guys with zero social skills) but instead as younger, highly intelligent and motivated people who can actually step out into society and not look like fish out of water...

Fra MauroThank you for telling me that because I never saw the original video. Is that a characteristic of a space geek?
Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by Fra Mauro:
Is that a characteristic of a space geek?
I don't think so because judging by the tweets and Facebook posts since the video was released, a great many space geeks are well aware of the original song/video.

You might just have aged out of the target audience...

GonzoToo funny! Great video! Could go a long way to showing that the guys/gals at NASA aren't old fuddy-duddy nerds. Geeks, maybe, but definitely not nerds!
garymilgromI didn't know of the original video either.

I thought "we're better than SpaceX" was a bit impolite. I guess I'm showing my age.

Kudos to NASA for the video and publicity it's garnered.

bruceFinally! Being smart is cool again!!
Originally posted by garymilgrom:
I thought "we're better than SpaceX" was a bit impolite.

Musk and co will probably be more chuffed about being mentioned than being slighted. Since NASA refers to Curiosity as she, why not a 'bikini rover'.

Hart SastrowardoyoDon't think any more impolite than the "Beat Ariane" T-shirts....
carl walkerBeat Ariane t-shirts? I gotta see those!
Dave Clow
Originally posted by bruce:
Finally! Being smart is cool again!!


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