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Forum:Free Space
Topic:Nazis from the Moon: Iron Sky (sci-fi comedy)
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Fezman92I saw that, got a good laugh and plan to see it just because of the comedic value.
randyThe meter didn't just get pegged, it bent the needle!
gliderpilotukNo prizes for guessing who the US president is modelled on.
cspgAt least you know it's dumb from the start. contrary to other movies like Avatar and 2012.
Originally posted by gliderpilotuk:
No prizes for guessing who the US president is modelled on.
President Fey?
turk242I've been following this since pre-production because a favorite band is doing the soundtrack (Laibach). It looks to be kind of a dark comedy so don't take it too seriously! They filmed in Australia of all places. Unlike Apollo 18, they are just having an albeit odd, laugh at an alternate reality coming to light in modern times. I plan to check it out!. A large small production or a small large production, either way, it should be good for a hoot!
Robert PearlmanHere's the first four minutes of Iron Sky:

cspgThey must have had a lot of fun filming this. I like the helmets and of course the autobahn (highway). Did they include a Beetle moon buggy?
OLDIEThis looks like a great bit of escapist nonsense. Well worth a look.
ProsperoI've absolutely got to see this film! It could potentially be the funniest thing I see all year.

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