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Forum:Free Space
Topic:BBC: Doctor Who and "The Impossible Astronaut"
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Fezman92Here is an image of an astronaut.

I see the Apollo 11 patch, but the suit isn't correct.

ringo67Just saw the second part of the "Doctor Who" two-parter based around the Apollo 11 landing.

Full disclosure: I am a "Doctor Who" fan. And I really enjoyed the story, it's a fun sci-fi romp through a well-known historical event. I love those kind of episodes.

Now sure, there were a bunch of inaccuracies, but fewer than that "Moonshot" debacle on the History Channel a couple of years ago.

A couple that stood out to me were: mis-matched audio and video of the NASA footage, the ascent stage of the LM model that Rory breaks the antenna off of is out of scale with the decent stage, and the landing and first step are shown being watched during the day, but I believe they actually occurred at night. I'm sure there are more, but those were the three that jumped out at me.

I liked how the Doctor's signal was timed to match the famous interference during Armstrong's "One small step..." speech. To the missing "a" is the Doctor's fault.

Best line of the two episodes was the Doctor telling Nixon to record everything. I almost fell out of my chair.

mikepfI've been a Doctor Who fan since about 1980. This was a cool episode. Two of my loves coming together. It was great to hear one of my favorite space quotes, Charlie Duke's guys turning blue comment, now embedded into Doctor Who. I always thought that was the perfect icebreaker for that moment. I cracked up over the Easter Island line in the first part last week.
Fezman92I want to know where that Time Lord Child came from and how she is related to the Silence? I noticed that the front of the suits where the cameras are mounted looked wrong, along with the above stated inaccuracies. Granted it is a British show so there is a margin for mistakes... loved it though.
Originally posted by Fezman92:
Granted it is a British show so there is a margin for mistakes...

The British make mistakes? We may sometimes get things wrong, but make mistakes? Never!!

Fezman92I have a British friend that got me hooked to Doctor Who back in 08. I am starting to watch the first ones back when they first started a few decades ago. Classic stuff...
WAWalshOf course, the suit would not need to match the suit used for the actual mission. As the discussion and inspection of the suit revealed, the suit met a whole set of different needs. The Silence needed a suit designed, so it was and then another suit was developed for the Apollo missions.

The one real discrepancy that this might not explain would be the presence of the daVinci patch on the left side and the Apollo XI mission patch on the right. No idea why the special suit would need mission patches.

An interesting two-part show and a lot of fun.

Dougin SoCAMy guess is that is River Song in the spacesuit, and that is why she is convicted of murder in the future (I'm sure for some good reason). Now that I've thrown out my opinion, they could change everything and we'd never know about it.

Could be the details in the spacesuit are intentional, or just oversights a person on this forum would catch, but other wouldn't.

OLDIEMy guess also is that it's River Song in the spacesuit. I loved the western shootout, by the way. As for mission patches - the answers will probably be revealed in a future episode. Such is the nature of Doctor Who.
Fezman92I think that there is a connection that explains why the Doctor and River met at different points in each others timeliness that has to do with the Silence.
Robert PearlmanAvailable today (June 10) only from, a "The Impossible Astronaut" inspired T-shirt.

Lou ChinalAny Doctor Who fans spot the Apollo suit in the "Timeline of River Song" lasting 13:38 at 7:22?

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