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Forum:Free Space
Topic:[Video] Thanksgiving with the Kranzes
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"Thanksgiving With the Kranzes" is a short film parody of "Apollo 13" that examines what Thanksgiving dinner with Gene Kranz (Ed Harris from "Apollo 13") might be like, especially when things go terribly, but familiarly, wrong.

"Thanksgiving With the Kranzes" was shot in January of 2006 and after being shelved for awhile, was edited in the fall of 2006.

space4uFun movie Robert. Reminded me of a few thanksgivings of mine! The parody is great even down to the correct music over the closing credits. Kudos to the chefs... or the producers.
ea757grrlOh, that's classic. It reminds me of an idea I had a long time ago in which Jim Lovell is the host of a talk/variety show, sort of in the Mike Douglas genre. Anyway, there's some kind of accident in the main studio, so they have to retreat to the green room and do the show from there....
RichardThat's funny!
DannoThat really cracked me up!

"I'd like to hear what the Kenmore guy thinks about that."

That was very well done (no pun intended).

GilbertVery funny. Very creative.
PowerCatThat made my day. "Give the gravy a stir?"
SpaceAholicAbsolutely hilarious spoof...
ObviousmanI suspect people have already seen this, but I hadn't and thought it hilarious.

Editor's note: Threads merged

capoetcHilarious. I hope Gene Kranz has seen this -- I think he'd like it.

11:48 -- "We've never had a Thanksgiving on Friday, and we're sure as h**l not going to have one on my watch. Takeout is not an option!"

wickballIs there a way we can preserve this video for viewing for ever?
stsmithvaThat was fantastic. A good idea, but then excellent follow-through. The line above was good, but I also liked the sight gag with the smoke alarm, and of course "Houston, we are burning something in the oven… it’s definitely a poultry of some sort… it’s gotta be the turkey" (followed by the ground crew in the kitchen frantically throwing open cookbooks).

Oh, and Walter Cronkite towards the end: "... there will be only ---" (I don't want to give too much away.)

blue_eyesYes yes, a true classic!

I don't know about the rest of you, but watching this heroic little video has become a tradition for us now every Thanksgiving. In fact, it has become THE tradition. Why, last year we didn't even have a turkey! But you can bet that there was EAGER anticipation as we sat down to watch "Thanksgiving with the Kranzes." Simply my favorite!

Lou ChinalAs blue_eyes said, "a true classic".
wickballIs there a way to download this or purchase it? I clicked on to their web site but it doesn't seem to be active anymore.
capoetcThanksgiving week: Time to resurrect the thread for Thanksgiving with the Kranzes...

"Takeout is NOT an option!"

capoetcTime to resurrect Thanksgiving with the Kranzes ...
uk spacefanI hadn't seen this cracked me up!
B_FinifterHi guys! I'm Brian, I made "Thanksgiving With the Kranzes" along with a bunch of my friends right around when I finished college in 2006/2007.

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it, my friends and I made it because we love Apollo 13 and the space program so much and we always get joy when we find other people who appreciate our weird sense of humor as much as we do.

Fred (Grounded) reached out to me and asked me for some DVDs, which I've sent along to him. So if you'd like a copy, let him know (and if he runs out, I've got seven more still in a box in my closet).

Also, Fred asked and you guys would probably be interested to know that some of the original people involved in the mission (and the movie) have seen it and enjoyed it. I originally gave an unfinished version to Fred Haise when he came to speak at our school. He passed it along to Gene Kranz who emailed me with his appreciation. I sent him a finished copy and he forwarded one to Jim Lovell (who I sent a couple more copies to, which he forwarded to Tom Hanks and Ron Howard. Never heard anything from them, though). Rob Legato, VFX supervisor for the movie, has also seen it and enjoyed it.

Also, many people who work at NASA today have seen it, I know. Several people in the movie work for NASA now. My friend Anthony who plays Lovell and Kronkite works in Mission Control for the Space Station and told me once that at one point, whenever JSC interviewed somebody who came from our school, Embry-Riddle, a standard question was "Were you a part of that Thanksgiving With the Kranzes movie?" All of which is kind of wild to think about.

Anyway, thanks again for your wonderful responses, I'm so glad you got a kick out of it. You guys have a great community here and I'm looking forward to poking my head around a bit into its other corners.


KiteThis is excellent. Really enjoyed it. Somehow missed it before. Great to hear from the creator and welcome to the site.
wickballI would like a DVD, how do I get a hold of Fred?
Grounded!I am the "Fred" that Brian is referring to. I hunted him down after viewing his hilarious Apollo 13 parody and encouraged him to reveal himself to the cS community.

As Brian stated, he still has some copies of TWTK in his possession so you can email him. He also has sent me a number of copies (soon to arrive) which I will be happy to share. Feel free to email me also.

Brian is also doing some creative things with space-related photographs. Welcome to collectSPACE Brian!

dss65Excellent! What a kick!
FlyBuzz11Great job guys! And welcome home.

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