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Forum:Free Space
Topic:U2 (band) in space and on tour with NASA
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Credit: NASA TV

Rob JoynerBoy, doesn't Adam and Larry look reeaally young there?!
dom"Hewson, we have a problem"
issman1The two Russian cosmonauts were very animated during the exchange, especially Roman Romanenko. At least the ISS gets wider exposure during moments like this, and the flight of Guy Laliberte.
Cliff LentzWas that the first puppet show from space, as well?
RMHKermit the frog made an appearance on the ISS during the STS-123 mission.
Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by Cliff Lentz:
Was that the first puppet show from space, as well?
The giraffe by the way, is named Harold. Per the U.S. Embassay in New Zealand:
Accompanying [Stott] into space will be Harold, Life Education's giraffe mascot. Harold, assisted by Nicole, will broadcast back to Earth positive health messages aimed at children all over the world.
The Life Education Trust provides positive health education for children.
Robert PearlmanNASA release
U2 and NASA create video to celebrate collaboration

NASA and U2 released a commemorative video highlighting a year's worth of collaboration in space and on the Irish rock band's 360 Degree tour.

U2 approached NASA in 2009 with an idea to include a dialogue between the band and the crew of the International Space Station during U2's world tour. The astronauts of Expedition 20, the crew then living aboard the space station, agreed to participate and spoke with U2 several times before recording a video segment the band incorporated into its concerts.

The space station crew members were Michael Barratt of NASA, Frank De Winne of the European Space Agency, Bob Thirsk of the Canadian Space Agency, Koichi Wakata of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and Gennady Padalka and Roman Romanenko of the Russian Federal Space Agency.

"Working with U2 is atypical for NASA," said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA's associate administrator for Space Operations. "By combining their world tour with the space station's out-of-this-world mission, more people -- and different people than our normal target audiences -- learned about the International Space Station and the important work we are doing in orbit."

Speaking onstage in Houston last year, Bono said, "These are the very best people in the world -- dedicated to figuring how our little planet exists in this cosmos we call home." De Winne, and Romanenko attended U2's performance in Moscow on Wednesday and met with the band before the show. created the video and presented it to NASA to document the collaboration between the band and the space agency.

PhilipU2's carbon footprint in 'space terms.'

U2's CO2 emissions are the equivalent of the waste created by 6,500 average West-European people in an entire year, or equal to leaving a standard 100 watt lightbulb on for 159,000 years.

Perhaps appropriately, the tour's carbon footprint can also be measured in space terms, with their colossal emissions of up to 65,000 tonnes of CO2 enough to fly Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr from earth to the planet Mars -- and back.

Jay ChladekThe thing is though, has U2 ever visited Edwards or Ellington to have their picture taken with one of NASA's U-2s?
Robert PearlmanU2 video release
NASA Commander Mark Kelly appears at U2360° in Seattle

U2 delivered a surprise to the crowds at Quest Field, Seattle last night with a video message from Commander Mark E. Kelly.

Bono dedicated 'Beautiful Day' to Gabby Giffords, before asking, "Imagine a man looking down on us from 200 miles up. Looking down at our beautiful crowded planet... What would he say to us...? What is on your mind Commander Kelly?"

Commander Kelly, on a 16-day mission with the Endeavour crew, recorded the message aboard the International Space Station, "Hello Seattle... from the International Space Station."

Before finishing on a line from David Bowie's 'Space Oddity': "I'm looking forward to coming home. Tell my wife I love her very much... she knows."

U2360° has worked with NASA and the International Space Station throughout this tour - having previously linked up with Belgian astronaut Commander Frank De Winne, Michael Barratt of NASA, Bob Thirsk of the Canadian Space Agency, Koichi Wakata of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and Gennady Padalka and Roman Romanenko of the Russian Federal Space Agency as well as Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte during his visit to the International Space Station.

gliderpilotukAnd again... although somewhat disingenuous of Bono to imply that this was live from the ISS. (All the newspapers are reporting this as "live" from the ISS).
SpaceAholicISS Broadcast during U2 concert — Starts about 43 minutes into the video:

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