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Space Shuttle Commemorative Patch Entry
Artist-supplied caption:

The focus of this patch is the center shuttle with the payload bay doors open, cradling the Earth. This signifies the shuttle program's dedication to acquiring knowledge for the benefit of our planet, while leading the world in space exploration. The constellation Columba and Halley's Comet were originally elements of the STS-107 and STS-51L Mission patches, respectively. These two pieces are included to honor the astronauts who lost their lives during the shuttle program. The sunrise in the background symbolizes the dawn of an era that will include new spacecraft, as well as technological and scientific breakthroughs, all of which will benefit from (and build upon) the knowledge gained in the shuttle program. The space shuttle will always be remembered as an example of excellent teamwork, ingenuity, and the continued passion to explore, a sentiment echoed by the words around the border. Three shuttles are shown, each one performing a major stage of a shuttle flight: ascend, orbit, and landing.
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