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Apollo command module floatation balloons 12-18-2014 Hardware & Flown Items
Scale models of NASA's Orion crew module 12-18-2014 Models & Toys
STS-62A "revisited" canceled mission patch 12-18-2014 Patches & Pins
Space Cover 212: Heritage Craft Apollo Covers 12-18-2014 Stamps & Covers
Orion EFT-1: Launch and recovery event covers 12-18-2014 Stamps & Covers
4/24-25: Space Lectures Eileen Collins event (UK) 12-18-2014 Space Events & Happenings
FS: STS-62A "revisited" embroidered patch 12-18-2014 Buy, Sell, Trade
FS: Buzz Aldrin signed 16x20 framed visor shot 12-18-2014 Buy, Sell, Trade
FS: (With a heavy heart) Left Orlan glove 12-18-2014 Buy, Sell, Trade
Apollo A7L/B spacesuits: Red and yellow stripes 12-18-2014 Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
Lunar surface training at Kennedy Space Center 12-18-2014 Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
Apollo 15: Stand Up EVA images from in the LM 12-18-2014 Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
STS-51L: Would a delay have saved Challenger? 12-18-2014 Space Shuttles - Space Station
[Discuss] SpaceX CRS-5 space station mission 12-18-2014 Commercial Space - Military Space
Chris Hadfield's "You Are Here" book signings 12-18-2014 Autograph Shows & Signings
Von Braun team member Dieter Grau (1913-2014) 12-18-2014 Space Explorers & Workers
SyFy Channel's "Ascension" (Dec. 2014 miniseries) 12-18-2014 Free Space
TIME Magazine: Astronaut Scott Kelly (12.29.14) 12-18-2014 Publications & Multimedia

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