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Are Orion spacecraft drawings available? 09-16-2014 Hardware & Flown Items
Scale models of NASA's Orion crew module 09-16-2014 Models & Toys
Soyuz TMA-15M mission patch 09-16-2014 Patches & Pins
European Space Agency 50th anniversary patch 09-16-2014 Patches & Pins
10/24-25: Space Lectures Fred Haise event (UK) 09-16-2014 Space Events & Happenings
9/16-17: Al Worden at Univ. of Limerick (Ireland) 09-16-2014 Space Events & Happenings
9/10: Astronaut Ed Lu at DRS SIGINT (Maryland) 09-16-2014 Space Events & Happenings
FS: Apollo 10 crew signed 11x14 photo 09-16-2014 Buy, Sell, Trade
FS: Code 3 Lunar Roving Vehicle model 09-16-2014 Buy, Sell, Trade
FS: Buzz Aldrin signed 16x20 framed visor shot 09-16-2014 Buy, Sell, Trade
FS: Apollo 13 AB Emblem crew patch 09-16-2014 Buy, Sell, Trade
FS: LEGO CUUSOO Mars Curiosity rover kit 09-16-2014 Buy, Sell, Trade
WTD: Hi-res image of Major Robert Lawrence 09-16-2014 Buy, Sell, Trade
Authenticity of Bill Anders-autographed cover 09-16-2014 Opinions & Advice
Value of astronaut Robert Lawrence's autograph 09-16-2014 Opinions & Advice
Apollo missions crew announcement dates 09-16-2014 Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
Apollo 8 recovery photos (Yorktown cruisebook) 09-16-2014 Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
Voskhod 2: Imagery from Leonov's spacewalk 09-16-2014 Soviet - Russian Space
[Discuss] NASA selects commercial crew partners 09-16-2014 Commercial Space - Military Space
CCtCap: NASA selects commercial crew providers 09-16-2014 Commercial Space - Military Space
[Auctionata] Russian space memorabilia (Sep 2014) 09-16-2014 Auctions - Reviews & Results
[RR Auction] "Remarkable Rarity" sale (Sep. 2014) 09-16-2014 Auctions - Reviews & Results
Cosmic-Con, Manchester, UK, June 2015 09-16-2014 Autograph Shows & Signings
Astronaut Central's 2014 Buzz Aldrin signing 09-16-2014 Autograph Shows & Signings
Launched and landed on shuttle and Soyuz 09-16-2014 Space Explorers & Workers
Space scientist Fred I. Ordway III (1927-2014) 09-16-2014 Space Explorers & Workers
Suggestions for moonwalker interview questions 09-16-2014 Space Explorers & Workers
Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" (Paramount/WB) 09-16-2014 Free Space
Richard Kiel, Moonraker "Jaws" actor (1939-2014) 09-16-2014 Free Space
Natl Air and Space Museum: Milestones of Flight 09-16-2014 Space Places
Joe Davies Heritage Airpark (CA): NASA 911 SCA 09-16-2014 Space Places
Artist Ed Hengeveld's space paintings 09-16-2014 Publications & Multimedia

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