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Forum:Space Explorers & Workers
Topic:2014 Olympics and the space explorers
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onesmallstepLove that photo of Leonov and Stafford in the bobsled. Gen. Leonov seems to be saying, "Tom! You drive like Oklahoma cowboy, not Winter Olympian!"
Robert PearlmanITAR-TASS spoke with Alexei Leonov in Sochi:
"I have been to the 1964 Olympics in Innsbruck, and the Sarayevo Olympics in 1982. Being here in Sochi one can hardly realize that it's winter now, with air temperatures being 16 degrees Celsius above zero. People who come from Siberia are used to a different winter," Leonov said. He was the first Soviet cosmonaut to make a spacewalk in 1965.

Speaking to Itar-Tass, Leonov said he had not ventured to go to the mountain cluster yet." All the people I know said it is wonderful up there. The downhill ski track deserves a particular high praise. It has a very good structure and actually, it has no analogues in the world at present. Sochi has changed beyond recognition, and changed for the better," Leonov stressed.

Robert PearlmanAs part of its coverage of the Olympics, NBC is airing a special hosted by Tom Brokaw, "Space Race," featuring interviews with John Glenn, Jim Lovell, Tom Stafford and Alexei Leonov. See details here.
moorougeWhilst watching the 4-man bobsleigh today (Sunday) I'm sure I saw a Russian flag in the crowd with Gagarin on it. There were some words above it I missed. Did anyone else see it and can tell me what the other words were?
RobonautI also saw the Gagarin banner/flag. There was a name at the top and a second small word in the middle with Gagarin's name at the bottom. I am fairly sure the name at the top was the Russian pilot (Alexander Zubkov) of the 4-man bob that won the gold medal. I speculated to my better half that it was a reference to being number one i.e. Gagarin the first and Zubkov the best bob pilot (number one).

Jill is sure it was 'Zubkov as Gagarin' and I agree.

moorougeThanks for that. I'm glad my aging eyes didn't deceive me.

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