To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo missions to the Moon, NASA has worked with Winco International in developing a series of "Official Limited Edition" commemoratives.

Winco has extended to collectSPACE readers an opportunity to order these items, including medals minted in part from metal flown to the Moon, to add to their own Apollo celebrations. In addition to making each of these items available individually, Winco is also offering an exclusive package to collectSPACE readers that includes one of each item, including matching numbered pieces.

The NASA Official Limited Edition commemoratives include:

Apollo 40th Anniversary Medallion

Minted in antique silver and nickel, the Apollo 40th Anniversary Medallion "contains metal flown to the Moon on Apollo missions". One side of this 1.75" diameter medal includes the NASA insignia; the reverse features NASA's "Apollo 40 Years" logo and the words, "Exploring the Moon, Discovery Earth: Celebrate Apollo".

Apollo Program 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Boxed Pin Set

This limited edition of 1,969 boxed sets includes these official pins:
  • Apollo 40th Anniversary Official Logo -- This pin was developed for NASA for special presentation.

  • First Footprints -- Rendered dimensionally in antique silver, this pin recreates in full dimension the famous photo of an astronaut's boot print on the lunar surface.

  • Apollo Program Logo -- The official insignia for NASA's first Moon-bound manned program, reproduced for its 40th anniversary.

  • 1968-Apollo-1972 -- Developed for NASA, this pin is one of two exclusive to this box set.

  • Apollo 11 Lunar Plaque -- Exclusive to this set, the commemorative plaque left by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon is reproduced in miniature.
Each pin is inscribed on its reverse as part of the NASA Official Limited Edition. A descriptive plate is also included. A protective sleeve indicates the Official NASA Limited Edition on front and includes a Certificate of Authenticity on the reverse.

"Celebrate Apollo" and "Celebrate Apollo 11" Frame Sets

A limited edition of 1,969 frames each, Winco considers these Apollo editions to be the finest they have produced in their 22 years of framing.

"Celebrate Apollo" and "Celebrate Apollo 11" each includes a unique, limited edition medallion only available within these two framed editions. Although different than the "Apollo 40th Anniversary Medallion" described earlier, these frame medallions also contain rare Apollo Command Module metal that was flown to the Moon.
  • "Celebrate Apollo" (14x20.5") also includes a signed and numbered limited edition print, "The Great Moment" by artist Paul Calle, as well as all 12 Apollo mission emblem pins arranged such that they orbit a photograph of the moon.

  • "Celebrate Apollo 11" (13x16") also includes first day covers featuring the "First Man on the Moon" U.S. stamp designed by Paul Calle as well as Apollo 11-related pins.
Both frames include brushed silver-finish story plates in the shape of an Apollo Command Module. Each frame's limited edition number is engraved on the module's engine.

How To Order

Though these commemorative items may be offered elsewhere, Winco has extended special pricing for collectSPACE readers, well below their retail prices.

To receive the rates listed below, you must use the promotion code: "collectSPACE" when ordering by phone, fax or e-mail.

All orders are to be placed directly through Winco International by calling (888) GO-WINCO (Intl: +1 818 718-1191) or e-mailing:

When placing your order, please have available and/or specify:
  1. Quantity per item and item ID. Also confirm if you are requesting matching frame numbers if ordering both editions.

  2. Ship to address (no PO Boxes) and phone number.

  3. Shipping options, as offered/applicable.

  4. Payment method - Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard and American Express); Confirm acct. number, expiration date and security number.

  5. Any other special order instructions.
California orders must add 9.25% sales tax. For international readers, minimum order is $35. Please contact Winco for international shipping rates.

Winco expects to ship complete orders by the end of July 2009.

Apollo 40th Anniversary Complete Collector's Series
(plus $21 domestic shipping and handling)

collectSPACE Exclusive! Order the "Apollo 40th Anniversary Complete Collector's Series" and you will receive one (1) of each of the following:
  • "Celebrate Apollo" Limited Edition Frame
  • "Celebrate Apollo 11" Limited Edition Frame
  • Apollo 40th Anniversary Medallion (with display stand)
  • Apollo 40th Promotional Pin (not included in box set)
  • Apollo 40th NASA Official Limited Edition Boxed Set
Although Winco cannot fulfill requests for specific numbered frames, those ordering the "Complete Collector's Series" will receive matching numbered pairs. In addition, the first 35 to order will receive numbered frames within the first 100 produced.

Individual Products
collectSPACE readers can also order commemorative items separately, or in addition to the Complete Collector's Series. The following rates are special to collectSPACE:
  • "Celebrate Apollo" Limited Edition Frame [CAPR-1969]
    $112 (+$16.75 shipping)

  • "Celebrate Apollo 11" Limited Edition Frame [CA11-1969]
    $89 (+$14 shipping)

    Save on shipping when ordering one of each frame: $19.50 shipping total

  • Apollo 40th Anniversary Medallion [J-1586]
    • One (1) for $8.75 (+$3.50 shipping)
    • Three (3) for $7.75 each (+$4.50 shipping)
    • Five (5) for $6.75 each (+$6 shipping)

    Display stand [DS-1] - $1.00 each (+$1 shipping for one (1) or more)

    Quotation upon request for shipping and handling above five (5) medallions.

  • Open edition Apollo 40th pins
    • Apollo 40th Presentation Pin Edition [JN-96]
    • Apollo 40th Promotional Pin Edition [JN-97]
    • Apollo 40th First Footprints Pin [JN-98]
    • Apollo Program - 40th Anniversary Edition [JN-99]

    Set of four (4) pins: (one each of above): $8 per set (+$3.50 shipping)
    Additional individual pins at $2 each (+50¢ for shipping)

  • Apollo 40th NASA Official Limited Edition Boxed Set [AP40BX-N1]
    $17.50 per boxed set (+$6 shipping)
Frame products made in the USA. Emblem products made in China.

Remember, to receive these rates, you must use the promotion code: "collectSPACE" when ordering through Winco.

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